Saturday, July 6, 2013

Long John Silver's Fish Batter

Back in 2007, I married a woman from the Philippines as I brought her home to live with me in this land of food and promises. Sometimes you have to question the idea that this nation is the best place to live to be able to eat food. My case in point is from an article dated just a few days ago, July 2, 2013 about one of my beloved places to eat .... Long John Silvers. Oh my. I read this article and was outraged on what I thought was one of the most tasty meals on the planet happens to be one of the worst meals that you can eat for your health.

Mind you, I'm not a health nut. I'm a little overweight, and I do not watch my diet. But I have been able to avoid the other bad things in life, like smoking, drinking and other strange women. I haven't been able to stop with eating of my favorite things. At my age, it is time for me to take eating into consideration.

It is important that everyone read this article. If you don't eat Long John Silver's food, then you have nothing to worry about, except that you should consider the batter that is used to make your meal. If you eat Long John Silver's food like I do, then you need to be alarmed.

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